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How to use Caldesann's Despair Kanai's Cube Recipe

by medievaldragon

How to use the new Cube recipe Caldesann's Despair to add a permanent additional stat to ANY Ancient item:

1: Have an ancient item. Any will do. Best to use one you actually want to wear.

2: Have plenty Flawless Royal Gems crafted. Amethyst for Vitality, Emerald for Dexterity, Ruby for Strength, and Topaz for Intelligence. Diamonds are not used (tested).

3: Level ANY legendary gem as high as you can! They have to be at a minimum of level 30 for Weapons, 40 for rings, and 50 for all other items.

4: Put the legendary gems you wish to use in your character's inventory. (Again you can use ANY leg gem)

5: Put the Flawless Royal gems you wish to use that will provide you the stat you want also in your inventory. You will need THREE for EACH use of the recipe.

6: Go to the cube. Simply put in the Ancient item you want to add the stat to in the cube, put the legendary gem you wish to sacrifice into the cube and the stack of gems you want to use for the stat you want to add.You don't need to separate 3 gems out of a stack, just put the whole thing in.

7: Transmute. If you have a socketed Ancient item, it will remove the gem from the item during the transmute, but you can simply put it back in when done. This may have been fixed since the PTR.

8: Remove item and repeat 6-7 for any other items. You may only add one stat per ancient item. Redoing the recipe on an item with a stat already added will replace the previous stat as noted in 9 below.

9: If you later level some gems higher than the ones you used earlier, you can go through the process again and replace the stat with a higher one.

Some additional notes:

Each rank of a legendary gem when its sacrificed provides 5 points of the stat you are adding. So a rank 50 gem would give you 250 points of the stat you are adding, permanently to the item.

It doesn't replace any other existing stat. Its an addition, unless it has been done before, then it replaces itself.

Since you are sacrificing the legendary gem and flawless royal gems, they are consumed in the process.

It cannot be rolled at the mystic.

Is permanent to the item. This is lost however when you reforge the item. (verified)

Hope it helps some of you out that wanted to understand how it works.

Game on.

Article by DTMAce

Source: Diablo3 Forums